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             At present, RSC Chennai has a well-equipped PC Lab which caters for 18 trainees in a hall facilitated with a LCD Projector and Screen.  To supplement a very good training ambience, another Training and Conference Hall is available at TCEC which is equipped with Plasma Screen,  which can accommodate 25 participants at a time.  Thus RSC Chennai is now in a position to hold two parallel courses.

          To coordinate the training activities of RSC Chennai at various stations, Head of Offices of PAOs under CDA Chennai &  ZO(PD) Trivandrum have been entrusted with the  training responsibilities of Officers and Staffs  under  their jurisdiction.  

         The RSC would provide training coverage to offices located at Tamil Nadu & Kerala irrespective of the organisations.  For this purpose they would be allotted specific slots in respect of courses for each calendar year.  The annual calendar of courses to be conducted would be circulated to all the concerned Heads of PAOs/ ZO(PD) for nomination purpose.


          To match the growth in Training Infrastructure, RSC Chennai has in recent times focused on developing self contained and in-depth training materials on specific areas of work such as Courses on Pay Section, AAO BSO, ASC Supplies, Vigilance and Administration, Local Audit etc.  There are in addition, training materials developed on general courses like Fundamentals of Audit, Induction to New Recruits etc.


         One of the notable contributions of RSC Chennai in the field of Training is the development of Computer based training packages on

            a)     Loss Statements

            b)    Elements of Office Procedure.

         RSC Chennai has made special efforts in bringing out a Vision Document which sets out the road map for the training courses to be conducted locally.  RSC Chennai also takes pride in bringing out Financial Advice Standards which has earned the appreciation of HQrs Office and also Local Audit Standards on processing of concurrence of the CDA for deployment of School going Transport.

       Presently, RSC Chennai is focusing on conducting more and more Training Programmes at Outstations and wherever feasible through synergy with the other Controllers offices in the station. 

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